About Us

Our Story

My family has been in the textile business for over 30 years and I was lucky enough to work closely with the design, manufacturing, and procurement aspects of the business. After becoming a mom, it was immediately clear that blankets and towels were going to be a huge part of my and the baby’s life. We were going to use them every day, for pretty much everything, whether it was naptime, feeding time, bath time, sleeping, at home, in the car, on play dates, on trips, you name it. A quality blanket and towel had to be on hand at all times.

I wanted something made from high-quality ingredients that I could trust. It had to be durable and versatile, something that would stand the daily rigors of being a mom and would hold its shape even after many washes. And of course, it also had to be cute and fun, something that my baby could snuggle with.

After searching and being unable to find a product I really liked, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something different! With the help of my family, I took the jump and was able to create a line of products that fit with our vision of safety, durability, versatility and fun.

We decided early on that the blankets had to be made from 100% muslin cotton. This had several benefits, as it made them cozy, breathable, and extremely durable. It would not lose its shape in the wash and only got softer with each wash! For the towels, we decided a coral fleece microfiber would work best as it made the towels soft, light, and super absorbent. It was so light to carry around and I could take them anywhere, to swimming lessons, the beach, play dates, sleep overs, you name it.

Starting my own line of products definitely had its ups and downs but overall, it’s been such a rewarding experience. It’s been amazing to see how everything slowly came together and now being able to offer to other parents the products that I love and use daily is a true blessing. I hope that you are able to find something that you like here and you know what they say… a baby’s blanket is her best friend!

                                                                               -Summer, Jay, and Ava’s mom

Our Products

Safety – As a mom myself, safety is my number 1 concern. We expertly select our products' materials that contain no chemicals and are 100% safe for baby and kid’s delicate skin. I value the safety of your kids as much as my own.

Quality – Our guiding philosophy focuses on being supremely soft, delicate, breathable, and warm. Our soft-touch fabrics are durable and can be enjoyed for many years to come, passing from one sibling to another.

Design – Designed in the US. Our products are adorable and fashionable, with modern and unique patterns designed for your baby’s attention. We have a selection and catalog that we continually update to our high standards.

Multi-use – Our products are versatile and multi-purpose. We want to make things easy for busy moms like myself who want to enjoy their time with babies. Perfect for taking everywhere you go, and use these blankets for naptime, tummy time, traveling, cuddling, stroller, car seat, picnics, and even as a throw blanket.